FCV600 - NEW!

FCV600 - NEW!

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5.7" Colour Fish Finder with TruEcho CHIRP & Rezboost Sounder

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Make the underwater world clearer! Equipped with an echo color extension function that clearly distinguishes the target from the seabed with a variety of color expressions.

The FCV-600 combines the power of TruEcho CHIRP™ with a host of revolutionary identification technologies to clearly distinguish fish from other structures, such as the seabed or reefs. Additionally, it allows you to use TruEcho CHIRP™ and CW technologies, such as bottom discrimination and ACCU-FISH™, together for added capabilities.

TruEcho CHIRP™

Traditional CW (Continuous Wave) Fish Finders transmit a signal composed of a single frequency, while CHIRP Fish Finders transmit a linear frequency-modulated signal - a wave with a frequency that increases over time. The FCV-600 and FCV-800 can utilize a broadband transducer to transmit across a spectrum of frequencies, resulting in better target resolution. With Furuno’s TruEcho CHIRP™, you’ll see greater detail and target separation for baitfish, game fish, and structure.


By combining CHIRP and traditional CW transducers*, you’ll see crisp CHIRP echoes on the screen while the ACCU-FISH™ and Bottom Discrimination functions from your CW transducer work in the background, overlaying important information on your CHIRP returns. You will be able to see fish targets, fish size assessment, fish depth, and bottom composition.** Up to three frequencies can be saved as preset selections.

*FCV-800 Single Frequency CHIRP only


With Color Range Expansion, the range of identifiable echoes is expanded so you can intuitively identify bottom fish from the seabed. Reefs, structure, and fish near the seabed are shown in slightly separated colors, making it easy to tell structure from fish at a glance.


A second display can be installed to show the echoes and nav data from the FCV-600 and FCV-800 via wireless network, so you can monitor the underwater situation from the stern or bow while fishing.

    Main Body

    • Screen Type: 5.7 Type
    • Resolution: VGA 480 x 640 pixels

    Fish Search Club

    • Frequency: CW: 50/200 (2 frequency alternating transmission)
    • Frequency: CHIRP: 40 kHz to 225 kHz (1 frequency transmission)
    • Output: 300W/600W
    • Display Range: 2 - 1200m
    • Number of Sends/ Minute: Up to 3000 times/min
    • Display Mode: Single writing/ double frequency writing/ enlarged writing/ A scope/ tide/ enlarged single writing/ navigation screen


    • Waterproof Performance: IP56
    • Power Supply: DC 12-24V, 1.0-0.6A
    • Body Size: 210 (W) x 198 (H) x 120 (D) mm
    • Mass: 1.3 kg



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