Privacy Policy, & collects visitor data and personal information from user registration. The data and information collected are used for analysing traffic on our site and gaining better understanding of customer interests in order to help improve our website and future service to customers. ENL Ltd., FURUNO NZ & WASSP Ltd. does not sell, give or trade statistics it stores to any third parties for data-mining or marketing purposes.

WASSP Ltd. is committed to safeguard its customers' personal information and protect it against misuse. The company operates a very secure information technology infrastructure to protect against external threats. Data transfer between customer's browser and ENL Ltd., FURUNO NZ & WASSP Ltd.'s web server is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer protocol.

Under the Privacy Act 1993, the customer has a right of access to information about the customer held by ENL Ltd., FURUNO NZ & WASSP Ltd. The customer may also request correction of that information and require that the request be stored with that information. ENL Ltd., FURUNO NZ & WASSP Ltd. may charge its reasonable costs of providing access to that information


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