Be a part of New Zealand Fishing History with the Furuno Snapper World Cup.

All you have to do is catch and photograph the longest Snapper with a photo on an approved measure showing the length of the catch and you're in to Win!


Snapper World Cup


What the Superbowl is to North American football followers, the Furuno Snapper World Cup is to the Kiwi angling fraternity. The difference is, every time a New Zealand angler casts a line into the sea, they are potentially ‘playing’ to get their name on the iconic Furuno Snapper World Cup trophy.

The inaugural Furuno Snapper World Cup was contested as part of the Furuno Fishing Contest, awarded to the heaviest snapper caught at the three-day event, last held at Kawau Island’s Pah Farm. The tournament, held 19 times in various parts of the Hauraki Gulf, was a highlight on many crews’ fishing calendars. It was a social event with the most recent headquarters hosted in a giant marquee. To get your name etched on the prestigious trophy you had to land your snapper within the tournament’s rules and time frame, and your fish was weighed.

Today, with the Furuno Snapper World Cup being awarded to the winner of the snapper section of the Export NZ Fishing Competition, a free length-based nationwide event, you are in tournament mode every time you go for a fish once you’re registered. The contest is now far more inclusive – no tournament boundaries or time frames – and it is free to enter thanks to naming rights sponsor, Export.

Congratulations to the 2022-23 Season Champion - Daniel Fobbester!

ENL’s Chief Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Bowe says as promotors of the Furuno Snapper World Cup ENL wants to keep the rich history of this competition at the very forefront of snapper fishing across the length and breadth of New Zealand. “We want to continue to open up this competition and the opportunity to win a piece of New Zealand fishing history,” Richard says. “There are some great names, captures and stories associated with the cup."

Special mention needs to be made of current Furuno Snapper World Cup holder Daniel Fobbester, who has now secured the trophy twice. There are few barriers to entry. The trophy can be fished for anywhere within the country’s 200-mile Economic Zone. Entry is free, it is based on length, not weight, keeping with the company’s conservation ethic, enabling anglers to return a trophy fish but still be rewarded for it.

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