Be a part of New Zealand Fishing History with the Furuno Snapper World Cup.

All you have to do is catch and photograph the longest Snapper between March 15, 2021 and April 30, 2022. Send us a photo showing the length of the catch and you're in to Win!

Entry is open for all Furuno Members Club and at all entrants in the selected 5 tournaments

Follow the steps below to get your hands on this legendary trophy


Become a part of the Furuno Members Club, or fish in one of the 5 selected Tournaments for the Season.

If you have anything Furuno, you can join our exclusive Members Club HERE. If not, you will need to Fish at one of the Following Tournaments:

1. Tutukaka Small Boats (FEB)

2. Dawnbreakers Snapper Cup (MARCH)

3. Northcote Fishing Club Open (APRIL)

(more to be announced)


Catch The Longest Snapper

This Season is again based on length. The longest Snapper for the Season will be crowned the Champion. Check Rules Below

If you are a part of The Furuno Members Club, you have the whole year May 15 2021 - April 30 2022 and you can fish whenever, wherever you want in NZ waters.

If you are not a Furuno Club Member you will need to fish in one of the 5 selected tournaments.


Photograph and Upload you Pic

To be eligible to win you need to photograph your snapper on an IGFA approved measuring device, clearly showing length, with some ID in the picture.

After photographing you are free to release your catch. Send at least 1 clear photo, full name, location and any affiliated club via email to:

We will email confirmation, then check here or at our Facebook page for leaders, weekly prizes and giveaways.

Snapper World Cup

 LEADERBOARD Official Start Date: MARCH 15

 Email your catch with Name, Location and affiliated club (if any) to:


1. This competition is only open to registered Furuno Club Members and participants in the selected tournaments between March 15, 2021 and April 30, 2022.

2. Only catches of Snapper (Chrysophrys Auratus) will be eligible for the competition

3. Fish must be photographed with on an IGFA approved measuring device, with some form of identification in the photo (eg. Drivers licence, Fishing Club Membership card, etc)

4. Ensure the photo is of good quality, preferably in landscape format with clear focus showing length to enable the length to be verified. We suggest taking several photos just in case.

4. Fish must be placed on its side with tip of either the upper or lower jaw touching the end of the measure. It is allowed to place a hand or have someone hold the fish on the measure or use  cloth on the fish hold steady during photo, provided this does not obscure the fish significantly.  

5. The V of the tail should as close to the midline of the measure as possible, and measure must be flat 

6. Fish must be measured fresh and may not be significantly cut in a manner that alters the length. 

7. If above rules are not adhered to your fish may not be eligible, Furuno NZ and ENL reserve the right to disqualify any fish at their sole and absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever including but not limited to inadequate photography, suspected measure tampering and false date submissions.

How length is measured

Length will normally be measured to 0.5cm increments, except where we have two or more leading fish with the same length. The innermost point of the V must touch or exceed the line on the  to qualify for that 0.5cm increment. For example if your fish is just over 40cm but does not reach the 40.5cm mark then the length recorded will be 40.0cm. 
Please ensure your fish is placed so the tail is evenly spread and the middle of the tail is along the midline of the measure.



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