Net Monitoring

Marport designs and manufacturers catch control and net monitoring sensors for fishing fleets around the world and are the global leaders in this field.

ENL are proud distributors of Marport products, which have been used in New Zealand waters for many years and are the most widely used net monitoring system in the country.  You’ll find our relationship with Marport is a close one, and we have highly trained technicians and dealers who have an unparalleled knowledge of Marport equipment.

Using Marport’s highly advanced headline sensors, you get real-time information of seafloor and fish schools, as well as door activity, including spread, pith, roll, depth and position, and real-time information on volume of catch in cod end. Using these sensors is as close as you can get to having eyes under the water, enabling you to fish effectively, economically and sustainably.

With WASSP, TimeZero and Marport ENL can offer unparalleled vision of what is happening beneath the surface:


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