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9" Combo Unit with BLUEBEAM Technology

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9" Plotter/Sounder/Radar combo unit powered by BLUEBEAM technology

This model is known internationally as GP1971F

Built-In CHIRP and Conventional Fish Finders

The unit includes a built-in TruEcho CHIRP, as well as a conventional Fish Finder, transmitting at 300W, 600W or 1kW. Simply tell the unit what transducer you are using and it will select the type of Fish Finder to use. The TruEcho CHIRP transmits across a spectrum of frequencies, delivering an incredible amount of detail and clearly marking individual game fish and bait fish. The conventional Fish Finder includes RezBoost data processing for an ultra-crisp, high-resolution picture.




Unique to Furuno, the ACCU-Fish feature is a revolutionary fish size assessment function that can tell you the approximate size of the fish below your boat.  ACCU-Fish recognizes individual or multiple fish instantaneously. It displays fish symbols on your FURUNO screen with their length in cm. Or optionally their depth.

ACCU-FISH signal processing blends the high and low frequencies to depict fish targets of all types simply, clearly and distinctly. Now, fishermen can clearly and easily distinguish big billfish around a bait ball, or see through bait fish on the surface to target "the big one" below. Very often the snapper will be in schools of a certain size, using ACCU-FISH you can determine the size of the fish you target, rather than wasting time and bait, and potentially damaging a lot of small fish. ACCU-Fish is available when using the RezBoost Fishfinder and compatible transducer.

**Note - When using a CHIRP transducer you will not be able to access the ACCU-FISH function**


 Bottom Discrimination 

Provides detailed information about knowing the make-up of the seabed, categorizing it into four different categories; “Rocks”, “Gravel”, “Sand” and “Mud”. The make-up of the seabed can be tremendously helpful information when looking for ­fishing grounds, as well as for ­finding good anchoring spots.

The Bottom Discrimination (BDS) feature is unique to Furuno and perfect for those fishos who want to know the bottom composition they are looking at. Locating the exact spot where bottom composition changes will often identify the perfect habitat for fish like snapper and hapuka.

Bottom Discrimination is available when using the RezBoost Fishfinder and a compatible transducer.

**Note - When using a CHIRP transducer you will not be able to access the Bottom Discrimination function**

Convenient and intuitive slide-out menus

The DB-9 smart interface, inherited from the NavNet TZtouch2 features slide-out menus containing all the tools and data you need to be in total control.

 Slide your finger down from the top of the display to select Quick Pages, including your favourite custom display modes, with a single tap. Slide out from the left to view customized Data Boxes. Slide up from the bottom to quickly adjust your layer settings.

Swipe from the right side to access the menu functions you use the most. Tap or double tap the display with two fingers to capture a screen shot or perform other customized functions. 

Display modes customisation

Customise your display modes and create the perfect combination to fit your individual needs.

Finger gestures

With the finger gestures (one or two fingers) you can either zoom-in, zoom-out, double tap to take a screenshot or even jump to a full-screen mode when using split-screen display mode.

    Autopilot Control

    Via the CAN bus network interface, The NAVpilot 300 and NAVpilot 711C can be connected to the DB7 (GP1871F) and DB9 (GP1971F) and controlled directly from the Chart Plotter.

    Wireless Radar Connectivity

    The GP-1871F and GP-1971F are connectable to the DRS4W Wireless Radar (Output Power 4 kW) giving your Chart Plotter a major upgrade in accuracy and safety.


    Available in Version 3 Software

    Mirroring - use your tablet or cell phone as a remote display. Once connected through the app you can zoom in and out and use the swipe functions to control your DB display from anywhere on the boat. 

    To Download the App Click on the Appropriate Link Below:

    For iOS (App Store)                                                  For Android (Google Play)

    Bottom Zoom & Bottom Lock - Screens are now available in full screen in order to fully focus on bottom target detection. ACCU-FISH and Bottom Discrimination functions are also available in the full screen Bottom Zoom and Bottom Lock modes.


    Left: Bottom Zoom - Full                            Right: Bottom Lock - Full


    Display Unit

    • Screen Type: 9" Wide Colour TFT LCD
    • Resolution: 800 x 480 Pixels (WVGA)
    • GPS Antenna: Internal Antenna
    • Display Modes: Chartplotter / Fish Finder / Radar* / AIS* / Instruments / Autopilot*


    • Receiving Type: GPS (72 Channels) / WAAS (1 Channel)
    • Receiving Frequency: L1 (1575.42 MHz)
    • Accuracy: GPS (10m Max) / WAAS (5m Max) / MSAS (7.5m Max)


    • Chart: C-MAP 4D
    • Memory Capacity: 30000 points for ship's track and waypoints / 1000 planned routes (max 50 points per route) / 5000 quickpoints Fish Finder
    • Frequency: CHIRP (40-225 kHz) / CW (50/200 kHz)
    • Transducer: 300W or 600W or 1kW
    • Range: 5-1 / 200m / Shift: 0-500m
    • Modes: TruEcho CHIRP / RezBoost / ACCU-FISH / Bottom Discrimination / Dual Frequency / Dual Range / Auto Gain (Fishing / Cruising) / Manual Gain / A-Scope / Marker Zoom / Bottom Zoom / Bottom Lock


    • Waterproofing: IP56
    • Power Supply: 12-24 VDC, 1.0 - 0.5 A




    I need help setting up my DB9? 

    Please click on the following Set Up Guide


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