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Commercial Fish finder with Stabilised Fish Size indicator

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The FCV-38 is a high-performance 4 kW fish finder with a 38 kHz transducer using split-beam technology that provides excellent depth detection capability. It also contributes to reliable fish size estimation. In addition, it provides accurate information on fish schools and the seabed, even in stormy weather, thanks to a unique beam stabilizer.


Echo images from 5 different directions received simultaneously with the multi-beam system

The FCV-38 can detect a school of fish in five directions at once and provides information on the location of the targeted fish in relation to the vessel. The operator can adjust the five beams in any direction within a 20-degree range in the menu settings.
For five beam transmission, you can freely activate or deactivate simultaneous transmission and adapt it to your needs by using three types of split-beam mode* in the setting menu: Alternating transmission, Semi-simultaneous and simultaneous transmission.

Semi-simultaneous transmission is a new function which limits beam-to-beam interference and makes the seabed easier to identify than with the simultaneous beam transmission mode.

The timing of the transmission has been optimised to accelerate the transmission cycle of the beam even with 5 beams.
*The screen is drawn faster in this mode, however unwanted echoes (false seabed echoes) may appear


Built-in motion sensor provides a stabilized target presentation in rough sea conditions

Pitching and rolling compensation

Pitching and rolling produces an adverse effect not only on the sounding image but also on measurement of fish size. With FURUNO exclusive Stabilizer Technology, the FCV-38 can stabilize both TX and RX beams independently so that the picture will remain accurate.

Accurate fish size measurements in easy-to-understand graph form*

The FCV-38 measures the size of fish in the selected area, and displays the information in a graph that can be understood at a glance. The split-beam technology has improved the accuracy and reliability of fish size measurements and graphs (max. 3).

By analyzing the size, volume, and movement of a targeted school of fish, operators can easily decide what to catch and what not to catch. It is indispensable for deciding when to go for a catch and eliminate a school of fish that are smaller than desired. In addition, it greatly contributes to the management and study of fisheries resources.

* Fish length is a reference value calculated from reflection intensity.
The fish size measurement function includes particularly useful tools to help the user keep track of targets. For example, the tool [Auto Depth] automatically adjusts the depth of the measurement area until more fish are detected if the target fish has fallen below the set limit or has left the measurement area. The tool [Auto Area] can be used to automatically move and adjust the measurement area to areas with a large number of single fish.

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