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Deep Water Multibeam Sonar with 3D sounder history

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Visibly see the landscape and fish schools at great depths in amazing detail!

Normal down-sounding Fish Finders have a beam angle of 40˚ or less. But with the DFF-3D Multibeam Sonar, you'll see a 120-degree swath, offering seafloor coverage up to 3X water depth. Plus, with the power of the DFF-3D, you can see fish directly below the boat 300m (nearly 1,000ft). 

The DFF-3D's versatile operating modes give you a better understanding of fish targets than any normal Fish Finder can deliver. The 3D sounder history provides an intuitive and easy-to-understand 3D image of the seafloor, along with fish school icons - useful when selecting a fishing hot spot or assessing the seabed condition. Triple-Beam mode tells you not only the depth but also the direction (port/down/starboard) of fish targets. Cross Section displays the real-time sea column echo in a 120˚ swath, and Side-Scan displays the shape and structure of targets both port and starboard. 

With the DFF3D you can turn your NavNet TZtouch, TZtouch2 and now TZTouch MFD into a multi beam sonar that can see 120-degrees port to starboard, allowing you to see the depth and direction fish schools are moving, while displaying the seabed condition in real time.
DFF-3D network sonar shown with TZT16X MFD display

Quickly create your own PBG (Personal Bathymetric Generator) Shaded Relief Maps using TZtouch3, TZtouchXL, and the DFF-3D. Bottom images are drawn with shaded relief, depth contours, and variable colors, making it easy to identify hidden structure and ridges that hold fish in a simple, easy-to-interpret presentation. Multiple color palettes are available, including the ability to show contour lines only.

Multi-beam sonar for deep and wide water columns

Furuno’s DFF3D takes 3D Fish Finding to new depths. Main beam penetration directly under the boat is approximately 300m, with Side Scanning up to 200m. See fish and bottom structure as you’ve never seen them before, at depths previously unfathomable.

Easily see where to drop lines

When you find fish, you can quickly drop a mark on your Chart Plotter for a return drift. Then looking at the DFF-3D’s Cross Section and Side Scan Modes (right side of the screen), you can easily determine which side of the boat the fish are on, how deep they are, and how far out from the boat they are swimming. 

Customise the display according to your needs

Depending on the situation and preference, a combination of screen modes can be displayed.

Intuitive 3D Sounder History 

The 3D sounder history provides an intuitive and easy-to-understand 3D image of the seafloor, along with fish school icons. This mode is useful in a variety of situations, such as selecting a fishing hot spot and assessing the seabed condition.

Cross Section Mode

Displays real-time sea column echo in 120 degrees port-to-starboard. This mode instantly aids in understanding the distribution of bait fish and the water column condition.

Side Scan

Side scan clearly displays the shape of structure as a high definition image in port and starboard direction.
It is suitable for searching the seabed and understanding the sea floor structure.

DFF-3D is compatible with NavNet TZtouch, Navnet TZtouch2, TZtouch3 or Windows OS with TZ professional software. When paired with TZ (TIMEZERO) Professional software and the optional PBG module, the DFF-3D can generate up to 50 depth points per second to quickly create a highly accurate Personal Bathymetric Generated (PBG) database. 


  • Heading is required for PBG overlay onto chart ie SCX20 or PG700

  • Satellite Compass required as the primary source of position, heading and motion (roll/pitch/heave) data.

  • The DFF-3D can detect and generate a PBG database down to 200 m. When the depth is deeper than 200 m, the PBG source can be switched from the DFF-3D (multi-beam) to a Fish Finder (single beam). 

For further information please contact Furuno NZ on 09 373 5595 or Email enquiries@enl.co.nz

Further details on TIMEZERO website.


  • Transmission Frequency: 165 kHz
  • Output Power: 800 W
  • Detection Range: 200m (side beam) / 300m (main beam directly under)
  • Beam Angle for Triple Beam Sounder: 20°-50° from main beam
  • Display Modes: Cross Section, 3D Sounder History, Triple / Single Beam Sounder, Side Scan
  • Interface: 1x LAN port / 1 KP port (external KP kit required)
  • Waterproofing: IP55
  • Power Supply: 12-24 VDC, 1.4-0.7A

This product is compatible with NavNet TZtouch, Navnet TZtouch2, Navnet TZtouch3 & NEW TZTOUCHXL as well as TZ professional software.



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