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Black Box Fishfinder Module with Bottom Discrimination for NavNet 3D & TZ Touch

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Network Fish Finder & Bottom Discrimination all rolled into one

The BBDS1 is a network fish finder compatible with Furuno NavNet Series TZTouch2/3 and TZ-Professional software.

It features an all-new bottom discrimination function, as well as the FDF (Furuno Digital Filter) capability of the DFF1. The BBDS1 determines the bottom structure and separates them into the following categories: mud, sand, gravel, and rock. This is achieved by analyzing echo characteristics from the bottom components such as particle size and hardness. Connect the BBDS1 to your NavNet network and get ready for your system to provide you with valuable information to locate rich fishing grounds, boosting your catch.

There are two bottom discrimination display modes to select from, Standard Mode and Probability Mode. In Standard Mode, the most probable materials on the bottom (mud, sand, gravel, or rock) are indicated in either graphic mode or a 4-color bar on the bottom of the display.

Furuno Digital Filter Fish Finder

Furuno Digital Filter (FDF) Fish Finders feature advanced filtering capabilities and digital auto tuning, which eliminates noise. Furuno FDF Fish Finders deliver the ability to spot individual fish with clarity, accuracy and detail. Whether in shallow or deep water, Furuno FDF Fish Finders give you what you would expect from a Fish Finder at all times.

 Know more about the fish under your boat

Furuno's award-winning network Fish Finders offer a unique fish size analyzer function, ACCU-FISH. The ACCU-FISH algorithm analyzes echo returns to compute individual fish size and display it on the screen.


Classify the seafloor with Bottom Discrimination Mode

Utilizing input from the Network Fish Finder BBDS1, the bottom discrimination display will be shown in the following four categories; "Rocks", "Gravel", "Sand" and "Mud", either in dedicated graphics or colors with corresponding probability. This information is helpful in spotting rich fishing grounds where you can boost your catch of the day.


    • Output power: 600 W/ 1 kW rms nominal, 1 kW requires optional MB-1100 
    • TX frequency: 50 kHz or 200 kHz, 50/200 kHz alternating 
    • Amplifier type: Wide dynamic linear amp (double superheterodyne) 
    • Measuring function: Fish length measurement, Bottom discrimination, Heave compensation*, Frequency auto-setting from transducer-ID data (specified transducer) *: optional sensor required 
    • Network protocol: Ethernet 100BASE-TX 
    • Depth range and Pulse Repetition Rate

Range (m)            PRR (/min.)

2                           3000

5                           3000

10                         1990

40                         485

100                       195

200                       95

400                       65

1200                     34  


  • 12-24 vdc: 1.1-0.4A (at 1kW output) 3



  • Depth range and Pulse Repetition Rate
  • Ambient temperature -15° C to +55° C
  • Relative humidity 93% at 40° C 3.3 Degree of protection IP20
  • Vibration IEC 60945-4 4 UNIT COLOR N




Operators Manual


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