New Compact 14x6 Series Radar from Furuno

Furuno has unveiled two new Radars designed to meet the needs of workboats and commercial fishing vessels.

The 12kW FAR1416 and 25kW FAR1426 Radars incorporate new features and simplified operation in a versatile and space-saving package.

By incorporating the processor in the display, there is no need to make space for a 'black box' processor. Everything is incorporated in the Radar's 15" colour display unit, which can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientation according to the vessel's need. Portrait orientation is perfect for workboat or towboat operators, who desire a more expansive look forward of the vessel, while landscape orientation is suitable for shorter dashboard placements.

The FAR1416/1426 incorporate Furuno's legendary target detection while including many of their newest technologies. Fast Target Tracking means the Radar can immediately display the speed and course vector of a target once it is selected. Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) adjusts clutter reduction filters and gain automatically according to sea and weather conditions, maintaining an optimized Radar display and freeing the navigator's attention for other operations.

With Furuno's Target Analyzer function, the operator can tell at a glance what each moving target on the screen depicts - rain patches, targets moving away, or targets moving towards the vessel. Approaching, potentially hazardous targets are picked out in red, with safe targets or sea surface reflections displayed in green and rain patches displayed in grey.

With its built-in Chart Plotter, Chart/Radar Overlay is available, allowing the navigator to display Radar targets on quality MapMedia vector charts. The FAR1416/1426 can maintain a database of 30,000 marks and lines, 3,500 waypoints, and 200 routes with up to 100 waypoints each. The ability to overlay the Radar image on the chart presentation makes recognizing coastlines and buoys effortless.

An ergonomic control unit with integrated trackball makes the Radar simple to use. The entire system can be controlled from an available trackball-only controller (optional). The FAR1416/1426 Series Radar utilizes the same antenna and gearbox as Furuno's previous FR8002/8005 Series. So, vessels with those Furuno systems onboard have an easy upgrade path to expand and improve their Radar performance and functionality.

This exciting new Radar series from Furuno affords mariners the peace of mind of enhanced safety at sea, while simplifying their routines on the bridge.

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