ENL Celebrates 75 Years of Marine Electronics excellence

Electronic Navigation Limited (ENL), New Zealand’s leading marine electronics provider is celebrating 75 years of operation. The company, which was founded in 1945 has been a leader not just in New Zealand but also globally with its innovative products and services for a wide range of marine industries and applications.  

Over the years, ENL has worked with an array of key industry players, from Royal New Zealand Navy to commercial fishing operations, and most recently America’s Cup teams for both product and technical support. It is this combination of world class marine electronics, backed by industry leading knowledge and support that has allowed ENL to thrive over many generations. 

The anniversary kicked off in December 2020 with a company celebration and ENL will celebrate throughout 2021 to recognise this important milestone, which demonstrates the longevity of the company and also its evolution as it has worked through a number of different changes in the marine industry and also developed new segments through its own product development, manufacturing.  One of these key segments has been the development of the WASSP™ multibeam sonar that has seen ENL become world leading in market share for commercial fishing, and now is expanding to Superyacht and survey industries. In addition to WASSP™, ENL has a number of global patents and IP assets that the company continues to utilize. Managing Director Gareth Hodson believes the decisions ENL has made over the last decade have set it up for future growth and success.  

      “The past 10 years has been a critical era for ENL having made a major transition from a family business as a traditional importer and distributor to a hi-tech exporter.  

After the impact of the Global Financial Crisis 11 years ago, our stakeholders and the management embarked on a major strategic change of direction to ensure growth and longevity.  As Managing Director for this past decade, I am very proud of how our organisation transitioned into a global player. Our brand WASSP ™ is now well established in more than 30 countries.  

During one of the most turbulent times in our history ENL Europe was officially established to support our successful distribution network. I’m not sure there are many New Zealand companies that have opened an office in the UK during a global Pandemic and the challenges of Brexit! 

Significant investment in R&D and manufacturing at our New Zealand headquarters, has meant the quality of our WASSP ™ Generation 3 products has generated impressive growth worldwide through word of mouth. To succeed in our sector it is imperative that we have happy customers who recommend our products to others. Our diversification of managing multiple world class brands has ensured ENL continued to grow through the recent pandemic.  Equally important is our investment in people who thrive on positive change and nurturing a strong culture. I strongly believe we have the best people in our industry, that remains key to our future success”.  

With 75 years of dedication to the Marine Industry, ENL continues to develop and evolve its digital presence allowing for a greater range of customers to take advantage of the skills, knowledge and support the ENL team has to offer. As new technology advancements come to the market ENL aims to be at the forefront of providing new solutions to customers, along with breaking new ground with its own world leading innovations. 

Watch this space! 


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