ENL install long range sonars on South Pacific Tuna Purse Seiners

ENL have a long history servicing the South Pacific Tuna Fleet, supplying & servicing electronics critical to their operations and locating fish. 

Dual Installations

Installing a long range OMNI sonar is a big job, and ENL recently had the privilege of installing two FURUNO FSV-25 sonar systems on two different Tuna purse seiners at the same time, in two different countries! 

While ENL Nelson Technicians undertook an FSV-25 installation on the Nelson slipway, our Auckland Technicians travelled to American Samoa to install an FSV-25 Mk2 up there. 

The Technology

FSV-25 Mk2 is the worlds #1 long range fishing sonar, with the new technology offering up to 30% superior range detection on the previous generations. 

This Sonar was installed with the new TimeZero Professional FSV-25 Mk2 Sonar Overlay Interface.  The interface allows the captain to view the sonar on the TZ Pro plotter (sonar overlay), and it works a treat!

Link to FSV25 MK2 product page

For further information on the FSV-25 Mk2 sonar or TimeZero Professional FSV-25 Mk2 Sonar Overlay interface, please contact ENL. 

ENL Contact: enquiries@enl.co.nz


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