ENL again supports the NZFCF Conference and NZ Shipwreck Trust

NZFCF 2022 Conference

The New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen held their annual conference at the beginning of June, this year hosted in Napier. The conference brings fishers and supporters together from across New Zealand to network and catch up on the latest issues and recent innovations related to fishing and the marine environment.

Running concurrent to the conference is a trade exhibition for suppliers to present their wares to fishers, where ENL featured leading brands, including FURUNO, WASSP, TIMEZERO & MARPORT.


Electronic Navigation Shield Recipient, 2022

The conference day is followed by a traditional Fish & Chip dinner, which has been held for over 50 years, which is then followed by the NZ Shipwreck Trust auction. Before the auction gets underway an important presentation is made by Electronic Navigation Ltd to a member who has gone beyond to support and promote the Federation.

This year’s recipient was Ritchie Kibblewhite from Splashzone Marine who is not only our auctioneer but runs a thriving fishing and marine business with his wife Jean, based in the Central Hawkes Bay. It was so very fitting that Ritchie received this award, given his passion and commitment to the Federation. Ritchie is a man of many talents, including the perennial NZFCF Auctioneer!


7th WASSP system for Splashzone Marine!

Owned by husband and wife team Richard and Jean Kibblewhite, Splashzone Marine is a thriving fishing, crayfishing, passenger, cargo and work boats company based in the Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. https://splashzone.co.nz/

Richie & Jean are longstanding valued ENL clients, and recently purchased their seventh WASSP system, which is currently being installed on FV Madea by ENL’s WASSP dealer Mike Finnegan from Navtech Ltd.

“WASSP  joins the dots for me of the seabed floor and structure. We do not and will not have a fishing vessel without this technology. It records and retains the accurate seafloor shape immediately into our system database, this sits in front of me on 2 screens while I drive the vessel. WASSP has certainly helped us find and understand new fishing grounds, and the high level of seafloor detail is really valuable as it helps us understand how the fish might move around different structures, contours and different bottom types.

When you put it together with other fishing knowledge, it really does help us to target where the fish might be on any given day.”           

 - Richie Kibblewhite, Owner/Director/Fisherman, Splashzone Marine

NZ Shipwreck Welfare Trust History

Prior to 1900, there were some 1200 shipwrecks around the New Zealand coast and there were many heart breaking public appeals to raise monies for those lost or dependent. In 1902 the Mayor of Dunedin held a public meeting to set up a permanent shipwreck fund, rather than undertake individual appeals. From this meeting the Shipwreck Relief Society of New Zealand was formed and over the following 96 years it continued to play a unique, unobtrusive welfare role in providing immediate financial support to widows and families effected by shipwrecks and mishaps at sea around the New Zealand coast. New Zealand based shipping and fishing companies, Port Authorities, and more latterly the Federation of Commercial Fishermen, as well as the general public, have provided much of the funding over the years. The Society, and its successor the New Zealand Shipwreck Welfare Trust from 1998, has given assistance to all the more prominent shipwrecks such as the Penguin 1909, Wimmera 1918, Manuka 1929, Niagara 1940, Holmglen 1959, Kaitawa 1966, Wahine 1968, and the Kotuku2006, plus many smaller craft, mainly fishing vessels. In addition to providing financial assistance to dependents the Trust gives prominence to the promotion of safety at sea, as well as creating awareness of safety issues amongst seafarers.

ENL has a longstanding relationship with NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen and supporting their annual Shipwreck Welfare Trust auction fundraiser.

In total, the 2022 auction raised a record breaking $58,000 for families of fishermen lost at sea!

About ENL  

Since 1945, ENL has been a major player in the NZ marine industry. ENL has earned a reputation for outstanding innovation, supply and service of quality marine electronic products within New Zealand and beyond our shores.  

About WASSP  

WASSP Multibeam is a product developed by ENL group in New Zealand. ENL currently manufactures WASSP Multibeam Sounder for Commercial Fishing, Sport Fishing, Hydrographic Survey, Super Yacht and more. ENL, founded in 1945 is now a subsidiary of Furuno and has a strong R&D focus particularly in the field of Multibeam Sounder.  

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