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Professional Multibeam Sounder & High Frequency Transducer

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Proudly Made in New Zealand

The F3 is a multibeam sounder designed around the fully digital DRX transceiver. It features a low power processor DRX-32, with a high frequency transducer WMB-160 to give you a maximum depth of 400m. This solid-state processor (which would be called a super computer in the gaming world) is a robust hardware platform with cutting-edge innovation. It’s accurate, versatile, easy-to-use and scalable to suit your exact needs.

With wideband CHIRP technology and 224 beams, you can scan up to a 120 degrees swath port-to-starboard for a complete picture of seafloor bathymetry giving you unprecedented clarity.

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Choose your own functions
  • Licencing options for additional feature Backscatter, Water Column • Targets and Side Scan
  • Licencing options for further improved performance such as Advanced Key Pulse, IMS, XYZ Data Export, RKT Tide and draft correction.

• Wireless capability with optional licence and communication hardware

• TimeZero and Olex-compatible


This innovative, low power, all-in-one “black box” is not just a robust a robust hardware platform. It also introduces world-leading cutting-edge technical innovations and incredible versatility for a variety of applications, from finding your catch and exploring new areas, to surveying and mapping. This opens up countless new opportunities for your operations.

  • The DRX Transceiver is the heart of the WASSP system that provides live processing of your data to provide realistic sounder and mapping graphics
  • It has the processing power of a supercomputer.
  • This is the core of all further developments.




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