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Go big with Furuno’s new, extra-large 22” and 24” MFDs! The TZT22X and TZT24X are compatible with all the award-winning Radars, Fish Finders, and other options that make NavNet TZtouch3 the most powerful system on the market. These super-wide, full-HD MFDs deliver on every feature that makes TZtouch3 a breeze to operate, including the simple and intuitive edge-swipe user interface. You’re never more than a swipe and tap away from what you need! TZtouchXL comes with ten preset screen configurations, or you can quickly build your own custom displays with up to a six-way split screen with all the power, responsiveness, and ease of use of the TZtouch3 interface.

The TZTXL range is compatible with the new Time Zero TZ-MAP chart data with BathyVison


With TZ MAPS, navigators control what map data they want to download, such as incredibly wide chart areas, satellite photos, and bathymetric data.

The purchase of any TZ MAPS area also unlocks added functionality, such as powerful AI Routing that intelligently plans out routes, taking into consideration the boat's draft as well as charted depths and navigational obstacles. The purchase of any TZ MAPS chart unlocks those charts in the free TZ iBoat app for mobile devices such as a phone or tablet, providing you with a free home planning app that will transfer your points and routes directly to the TZtouchXL. With a free TimeZero account, waypoints and routes can be easily backed up or retrieved from the cloud with just a few taps, ensuring all the data you’ve worked so hard to create remains safe and secure.

Experience 'off-the-charts' bathymetric data with BathyVision

BathyVision for TZ MAPS provides truly ‘off the charts’ bathymetric data with contour lines that can be configured with a single tap. When we say configurable, we’re talking down to a resolution of a mere 3 inches between contours - that's 3x better than any other bathymetric chart currently on the market. Bathymetric data is rendered from the same high-resolution database used for TZ MAPS’ custom depth shading and can be overlaid onto the navigation charts to create fishing charts unlike any seen before.


Please refer to TZTXL brochure or TZTOUCHXL flyer for specs 






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