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Surface Mount Light - Dual Colour Blue & White

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SUPRA Series - Dual Colour

SUPRA Series provide '2-lights-in-1' by combining our most popular colours (blue & white) in a single high-powered fixture without sacrificing brightness; both colours run at full power.

Up to twice as bright and double the efficiency when tested against any competing dual-coloured light.

Dual-coloured SUPRA Surface Mount (SMX) lights offer a variety of features and user control options to best suit every boat owner.

All models are compact and low profile suitable for transom or side hull mounting with up to 6,100 fixture lumens of light in a wide 90° beam.



Key Features:

  • Full-power dual color (blue & white) without sacrificing brightness
  • SMX models (Surface Mount) utilise a small hole through the hull for the power cable
  • SMX models feature built-in driver
  • 2,500 verified fixture lumens
  • Wide 90° beam angle
  • Simple 2-wire installation
  • 2-Year Warranty
      • Available Colors: Dual Color (Blue & White)
      • Lumens: 5,625
      • Fixture Lumens: (White) 2,500
      • Number & Type Of LED: White–9×5W / Blue–12×3W
      • LED Power - HICOB Array: Yes
      • Typical LED Life: 50,000+ Hours
      • Warranty: 2 Years
      • User Control Options: On/Off Switch (Third party supplied)
      • Electrical Installation: Simple 2 Wire Connection
      • Supply voltage: 12 v dc only
      • Max current draw: 2.5a
      • Housing type: marine bronze body/ glass lens
      • Compact Size: Diameter: 70mm (2.75”) Height: 17mm (0.67”)


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