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NMEA Multiplexer - 5 inputs and 2 ISO-Drive outputs, Ethernet and serial connections (replaces NDC-5)

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Intelligent Type Approved NMEA 0183 Multiplexer

The PRO-NDC-1E is more than just an NMEA 0183 Multiplexer. Rugged, Robust, Type Approved Multiplexer with powerful, advanced features enable baud rate adjustments, auto-switching and sentence level filtering

Managing and routing your NMEA 0183 data is straight forward, hassle free using the PRO-NDC-1E;

  • Auto-switching between inputs to allow for a primary, secondary, tertiary priority input.
  • Configurable baud rates to allow 38400 and 4800 baud devices to operate through the same multiplexer.
  • Sentence filtering to block unwanted sentences from specific outputs helps to limit bandwidth consumption.
  • Easy to configure using the web based UI, no need to manually enter and edit strings of text.
  • RINA type approved device means the multiplexer is fit for leisure, commercial and class / type installations.
  • Multiple LED’s allow for ‘quick glance’ diagnostics to ensure everything is operating correctly.
  • NMEA 0183 data streaming over Ethernet enables connectivity to existing Ethernet devices and systems.
  • 5 OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 inputs and 2 ISO-Drive NMEA 0183 outputs provide protection for all connected instruments.


  • Dedicated bi-directional Serial port (fully isolated utilising ISO-Drive technology)
  • Serial port can be used as additional input / output
  • Ethernet port supports direct and network connection
  • NMEA 0183 streaming via Ethernet
  • Configurable input and output baud rates
  • Allows Data combining and rate conversion
  • 2 independent Autoswitch virtual inputs with priority
  • Isolation to battery supply
  • Diagnostic LED’s
  • Optional DIN rail mount
  • Type Approved


  • Quick and easy to install
  • Configuration using standard web browser, no PC operating system compatibility issues
  • Advanced features solve NMEA 0183 data routing problems
  • Fully isolated with ISO-Drive technology for peace of mind
  • Easy firmware updates make the device future-proof


Power Supply
Input supply voltage9 to 35 V DC
Input supply current150mA max @ 12V DC (all outputs @ full drive into 100 ohm loads)
Input protectionContinuous reverse polarity, transient overvoltage and ESD protection
Power indicatorLED, Blue – indicates unit is functioning correctly
Input Supply connectorPluggable 2-way screw terminal, 5.08mm pitch (12 to 30 AWG)
NMEA 0183 Port – Listener & Talker
Number of Listener / Input Ports5 isolated NMEA 0183 Listeners
Number of Talker / Output Ports2 isolated NMEA 0183 Talkers
CompatibilityFully NMEA 0183, RS422 & RS232 compatible. RS485 Listener compatible
Speed / baud rate4800 to 38400 bps
Talker Output Voltage Drive>= 2.2V (differential) into 100 ohm
Talker Output Current Drive20 mA maximum per output
Talker Output ProtectionShort circuit and ESD
Talker Data IndicatorLED, Orange (Flashes with data rate)
Listener Input Voltage Tolerance-15 V to +15 V continuous, -35 V to +35 V short term (< 1 second)
Listener Input ProtectionCurrent limited, overdrive protection to 40 VDC and ESD protection
Listener Data IndicatorLED, Green (Flashes with data rate)
ConnectorsPluggable 2/3 way screw terminals, 5.08mm pitch (12 to 30 AWG)
Serial Port
CompatibilityRS422 & RS232 compatible. RS485 Listener compatible
Speed / baud rate115200 bps
Output voltage drive>= 2.1V (differential) into 100 ohm
Output current drive20 mA max
Output protectionShort circuit and ESD
Input voltage tolerance-15 V to +15 V continuous, -35 V to +35 V short term (< 1 second)
Input protectionCurrent limited, overdrive protection to 40 VDC and ESD protection
Data IndicatorsLED’s: Green = Receive, Orange = Transmit
ConnectorsPluggable 3-way screw terminals, 5.08mm pitch (12 to 30 AWG)
Ethernet Port
Host interface10/100BaseT, automatic polarity detection
Supported protocolsTCP/IP for configuration and firmware updating
TCP/IP and UDP for NMEA 0183 comms
IndicatorsGreen – Link, Yellow – 100 Mbps
NMEA 0183 ListenerUses IsoDriveTM, Hi-Pot tested to 1000V
NMEA 0183 TalkerUses IsoDriveTM, Hi-Pot tested to 1000V
Serial PortUses IsoDriveTM, Hi-Pot tested to 1000V
Ethernet Port2kv for 60s
Housing Material316 Stainless Steel
Dimensions139mm (W) x 98mm (H) x 26mm (D)
MountingBulkhead mount or DIN rail mount (DIN kit 1)
Approvals and Certifications
EMCIEC 60945:2002-08, DNVGL-CG-0339:2019 & IACS UR E10 Rev7
Compass Safe Distance300mm
Type Approval CertificateRINA
Operating Temperature-25 to +70°C
Storage Temperature-40 to +85°C
Relative Humidity (RH)95% @ 55°C
Environmental ProtectionIP40
Guarantee3 years (5 Years if registered)



Inputs (inc. serial port)56
Outputs (inc. serial port)23
Dedicated serial portYes
Ethernet portYes
Config toolWindows onlyAny popular web browser on any OS
Basic data filteringYesYes
Advanced data routingYes
Safe USB connection while powered via a batteryYes
Pluggable connectors (quicker and easier installation)Yes
Weather sealedIP66IP40


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