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NMEA 0183 Multiplexer

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The Actisense NDC-4 allows up to five NMEA 0183 sources to be multiplexed into a single stream*.

Two flexible ISO-Drive outputs allow two different downstream talker baud rates to be created, ensuring maximum system flexibility.

It provides complete access to all NMEA 0183 data sources, configurable filters to remove unwanted data using NDC Control Centre, as well as enabling an on-board PC to read and add the combined data stream.

Factory preconfigured versions enable the NDC-4 to be used out of the box for AIS operation (NDC-4-AIS). An autoswitch™ option is also available (NDC-4-ASW) to provide redundancy options to your NMEA 0183 network.

*Four inputs on the USB version, as the USB interface acts as the fifth channel, overriding the fifth OPTO input.

    Supply (“BATT”)

    8-35 V




    40 mA max @ 12V DC under no load

    Supply (USB)

    Supply voltage
    4.75-5.25 V
    Supply current from USB (see note 1) 


    75 mA max

    Opto-isolated Flexible Input

    Input voltage between +/-Logical ‘1’/stop bit-15-0.5 V

    Logical ‘0’/start bit4-15 V
    Input currentMaximum is under +35v overload condition, Min @ 2.0v input level1.6-9 mA
    Differential input voltageRequired level for NMEA to be detected1.8-2 V
    Galvanic isolationBetween input & output2500 V
    Overdrive protection
    40 V
    Input Baud rate (ports 0 & 1 + USB)Configurable Baud rate4800-115200 bps
    Input Baud rate (ports 2 & 3)Configurable Baud rate4800-57600 bps
    Input Baud rate (port 4)

    Fixed Baud rate


    4800 bps

    ISO-Drive Flexible Output

    Output voltage between ISO Out +/A and ISO Out -/B (under no load)Logical ‘1’-4.6 to -5 V

    Logical ‘0’4.6-5 V
    Output current at max load of 100 ohmAt maximum load, differential drive voltage reduces to 2.1v21 mA
    Output short circuit current (note 2)Due to short circuit protection50-55 mA
    Galvanic isolationFrom Opto input and (USB) ground1500 V
    Output Baud rate (ports 0 & 1 + USB)Configurable Baud rate4800-115200 bps
    Data propagation delay

    Under no-overload conditions

    1-100 ms


    Ambient temperature
    -20-70 °C
    GuaranteeExtended Actisense guarantee3 Year
    Gland clamping rangeCable diameters accommodated4.5-10 mm
    IP Rating

    NDC-4 Vs NDC-5

    Feature                                                                                                 NDC-4                                                   NDC-5

    Inputs (inc. serial port)                                                                 5                                                              6

    Outputs (inc. serial port)                                                              2                                                              3

    Dedicated serial port                                                                     –                                                             Yes

    Ethernet port                                                                                   –                                                             Yes

    Config tool                                                                                                  Windows only                                 Any popular web browser on any OS

    Basic data filtering                                                                          Yes                                                         Yes

    Advanced data routing                                                                   –                                                             Yes

    Safe USB connection while powered via a battery                   –                                                             Yes

    Pluggable connectors (quicker and easier installation)           –                                                             Yes

    Weather sealed                                                                               IP66                                                       IP66

    Data Sheet



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