IRIS-S060 Mini-Dome Camera
IRIS-S060 Mini-Dome Camera
IRIS-S060 Mini-Dome Camera

IRIS-S060 Mini-Dome Camera

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Stainless Hi Res Mini Dome Camera

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Iris’s SX60 range of miniature marine grade stainless steel cameras are available in multiple formats and deliver the highest quality video and to suit your application.

The IRIS-S060 features a multi-format 4-in-1 camera module (CVBS, TVI, CVI, AHD) designed for maximum compatibility with most marine chart plotters, digital recorders and monitors.

The IRIS-S060 can be set to output analogue video (CVBS), or a range of Analogue Hi-Def formats (HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD) providing up to 1080P high-definition resolutions in real-time. When used with an IRIS HD switcher or HVR or our TVI to HDMI convertor, the IRIS-S060 can be connected to HD TVs and MFD’s with digital inputs such as Garmins 8000 series or Simrads NSO Series.

Like all models in our 60 range, the cameras are shipped as standard with a 3.6mm lens offering 80˚ HFOV, with wide-angle 2.1mm lens (110˚ HFOV) and ultra-wide-angle 1.8mm lens (125˚ HFOV) options available.

The S060’s 316 stainless steel housing provides the ultimate protection in the harsh marine environment and is, therefore, the perfect solution for deck monitoring aboard workboats, fishing vessels and passenger’s vessels, whilst fitting in equally as well with the high-end aesthetic of luxury vessels and mega yachts.

Measuring only 58mm high by 60mm in diameter, the S060 is small enough to provide unobtrusive surveillance and also for use in areas where space is tight, such as engine rooms or anchor wells.

Whether you need high quality and rugged camera as part of your onboard surveillance system, for the engine room, deck and companionway monitoring or as a robust and stylish docking or backup camera, our IRIS-SX60 range of cameras is the perfect solution



  • NEW Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel Rugged Corrosion Free Case
  • Features 4-in-1 Video Format Camera Module (CVBS / TVI / CVI / AHD)
  • Available in High Polish (standard), Brushed or Custom Paint Finish
  • Analogue (CVBS / Composite Video) Resolution 1000TVL
  • Set to TVI for 1080P HD Resolution in Real Time (No Network Latency)
  • Built In Infra Red LED Illumination (10m Range)
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption
  • IP66 Environmental Protection


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