FSV25 Mk2 OMNI Sonar

FSV25 Mk2 OMNI Sonar

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Full-Circle Colour Scanning Sonar, 20 kHz

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Stunning performance and amazing range!

Thanks to recent advancements in low-frequency transducer elements, signal processing and increased transmission power, detection range of the FSV25 has been increased by a full 30%* from previous models. You can instantly spot and follow schools of fish from several kilometers away. The stabilizer ensures that echoes are stable when received, regardless of transducer attitude, counteracting the rolling and pitching motions at sea.


Great usability and simple customisation

By using the simple user programmable dial, you can set and change the settings depending on which kind of fish you are searching for. With TLL output, you can save the position of your favourite fishing grounds directly to a connected chart plotter. You can even capture and replay both stills and video content recorded on your device. Stills and video can be saved to external USB memory.

Advanced noise reduction

Sea surface noise, noise from plankton and other weak echoes close to the seabed are effectively reduced. The auto filter ensures that you get clear and crisp echoes even when travelling at speed. The auto filter is also highly effective against interference from other fish finder equipped vessels.

Graphical hull-unit indicator

See exactly how much the transducer is lowered directly on your display with a simple graphical interface. Instantly spot if and how much the transducer is lowered or retracted, helping you avoid accidents and increase the safety at sea. You can fully extend the transducer in just 12 seconds for 1200mm stroke and in 16 seconds for 1600mm stroke - a transducer “throw” time of just 12/16 seconds (respectively). In order to avoid collisions with drift wood and other material, the transducer can be stopped while in motion. The transducer can be lowered to any given length until full extension.

Accurately track fast-swimming fish

Accurately track fast-swimming fish, such as tuna and marlin, close to your vessel. The FSV25 will automatically lock on to schools of fish found and display estimates of distance, depth, speed and angle of movement. Target lock is also available for stationary positions (speed and heading information required). Upon locking the target on any given school of fish, a histogram of echo strength distribution can be displayed immediately.


TimeZero professional Interface

The interface allows the captain to view the sonar on the TZ Pro plotter (sonar overlay), and it works a treat!

For further information on the FSV-25 Mk2 sonar or TimeZero Professional FSV-25 Mk2 Sonar Overlay interface, please contact ENL. 

ENL Contact: enquiries@enl.co.nz

  • Display Size: Supplied Separately
  • Display Type: Supplied Separately
  • Frequency: 20 kHz
  • Power Usage 12-24 VDC or 110 VAC or 220 VAC


FSV25 Mk2


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