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25W VHF Semi Duplex Radiotelephone c/w DSC, GMDSS Compliant

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Fully meets GMDSS requirements for SOLAS vessels

The Furuno FM8900S is a Semi-duplex 25-Watt VHF Radiotelephone with a built-in Class-A DSC and CH70 watch Receiver. It features an easy-to-read, high-contrast 4.3" bright color LCD, enhanced noise reduction and speaker for superb voice quality, and quick-access CH16 key. Channel selection is simplified with the inclusion of both a rotary control and direct keypad input. Automatic entry of own ship position and time is accomplished through interfaced GPS receiver. The FM8900S can also connect to an office or home via an existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

The FM8900S scans all channels in the selected region as well as watches CH16 in alternate shifts.In the menu, all tasks are assigned numbers, and the operator can access each of the menu items either by turning and pressing PUSH TO ENTER knob or simply pressing the corresponding numbers on the numeric keypad for simplified operation. It features a Replay function that records the latest 120 seconds of incoming communication on the currently set channel. By simply pressing the “REPLAY” button on the numeric keypad, the last-received message will be played back on the spot.

The FM8900S fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements for SOLAS ships, as well as new ITU recommendation on digital selective calling system for use in the Maritime Mobile Service, ITU-R M.493-13. ATIS signal transmission is available for inland waterways.


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