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CSH-5L Full-Circle Colour Scanning Sonar

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A compact, high frequency sonar with revolutionary discrimination between bottom fish and Seabed.

  • Full-circle scanning sonar detects and instantaneously displays fish schools and underwater conditions
  • Vivid 16-color display assists in recognition of bottom structure, and concentration and distribution of fish schools
  • Various fishing and navigation data* keep operator abreast of fishing and navigation conditions *appropriate sensors required
  • Four user-programmable function keys for quick set up according to fishing conditions or specific function

The control unit of CSH-5L MARK-2 combines ergonomics and functions in a user-friendly manner. All controls quickly respond to the operator’s command and the associated reaction can be seen on the screen immediately. Four user-defined functions can be assigned to Function keys (F1 to F4), providing for rapid setup and operation.

  • High power transmitter ensures reliable operation under any conditions
  • Transducer frequency : 55 or 68 kHz

With the CSH-5L MARK-2 you can confidently fish in shallow areas and increase your catch

Left image: To the top left a steep shoal is visible.The vessel follows its structure in order to find fish close by.

Right image: Schools of round herring close to the shoal can be seen here. The vessel has turned on its lights to attract the fish.

  • Display Size: Black Box
  • Display Type: Black Box
  • Frequency: 55 or 68 kHz
  • Power Usage: 115/230 VAC


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