CSH8L MK2 Black Box Omni Sonar

CSH8L MK2 Black Box Omni Sonar

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CSH-8L Full-Circle Colour Scanning Sonar

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Furuno CSH8L MK2 360-degree Omni Sonar detects and instantaneously displays schools of fish and underwater conditions.

The CSH8L-MK2 is a popular choice for many recreational sport/ game fishing vessels,  and is a complete game changer when it come to hunting out those target species. 
With its easy to use controls its a no brainer.

Turn fishing into catching - Stop hoping and start hunting.

The CSH8L MK2 is a Full Circle Omni Sonar that rapidly detects and displays individual gamefish and schools of baitfish, showing your catch in real-time before they’re in the spread - a game-changer for high-end tournament battlewagons! Operating at 85KHz, the CSH8L MK2 is a midfrequency Sonar; its narrow beam width coupled with its  enhanced target identification capabilities make it ideal for searching near the vessel or in shallow waters.

Scan three football fields or further around your boat - in every direction.

The transducer of a scanning sonar consists of many elements to transmit the echo in all
directions simultaneously without rotating the transducer. The echo is redrawn on the
display instantaneously according to the latest feedback from the transducer. It’s truly like having an underwater Radar!

Operating at 85 kHz, the CSH8LMK2 is considered a mid-frequency Sonar. Its narrow beamwidth coupled with its enhanced target identification capabilities makes it ideal for searching near the vessel or in shallow waters. Fish and bottom echoes are clearly separated and baitfish are more easily tracked. With automatic tilt scanning as a standard feature, the CSH8LMK2 is suitable for both midwater trawlers and purse seiners.

  • Full-circle scanning sonar detects and instantaneously displays fish schools and underwater conditions
  • Black Box configuration allows for a space-saving, flexible installation 
  • At a 1,000 ft. range scan a full 360 degrees in just over 1/2 a second
    (even quicker at shorter ranges)
  • Various fishing and navigation data* keep operator abreast of fishing and navigation conditions *appropriate sensors required
  • Four user-programmable function keys for quick setup according to fishing conditions or specific function

Easy to use controls

The control unit of CSH-8L MARK-2 combines ergonomics and functions in a user-friendly manner. All controls quickly respond to the operator’s command and the associated reaction can be seen on the screen immediately. Four user-defined functions can be assigned to Function keys (F1 to F4), providing for rapid setup and operation.

  • High power transmitter ensures reliable operation under any conditions
  • Transducer frequency: 85 kHz

What is Scanning Sonar?

The transducer of a scanning sonar consists of many elements to transmit the echo in all directions simultaneously without rotating the transducer. The echo is redrawn on the display instantaneously according to the latest feedback from the transducer. Because this sonar scans quickly, it greatly improves the fishing operation, especially when searching for/following fast swimming fish.

Extremely Quick Scanning Speed

The CSH-8L MARK-2 completes a scan within 0.54 seconds/scan while the conventional PPI sonar*1 takes 32 seconds to train full circle under the same range/conditions*2.
About 60 times more information is provided compared to a PPI sonar.
Fast scanning lessens the chance of missing a small change in underwater conditions. This is especially helpful when range and tilt require frequent adjustment while fishing, offering no frustration on redrawing time.
*1 CH-250 PPI sonar, training at 6° steps.
*2 Based on 400 m range in combination display mode.

No Blind Area

Scanning Sonar shows the actual situation 360 degrees around the vessel and gives all the necessary information as needed. No more blind areas to consider, allowing the operator to concentrate on the tilt, range, fishing area, etc.

  • Display Size: Black Box
  • Display Type: Black Box
  • Frequency: 85 kHz
  • Power Usage: 100-115-120-220-230 VAC
  • Range: 1600 m


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