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12.1" Colour LCD Dual- Frequency Searchlight Sonar

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Also available as Blackbox version.

Ultrafast Scanning Speed

This dual-frequency Searchlight Sonar is one of the most comprehensive and fastest of its kind. It provides 6 scanning step variations (6,12,15,18,21,24) easily optimized between high precision modes or a high scanning speed, which can cover 360° in a couple of seconds, depending on the distance of the echoes. Due to its fast scanning speed, it can be used at high speeds while covering a very large area. The Sonar provides the fastest and clearest echo for the ultimate fishing and navigation experience.

While moving fast, use the 24° step scan in order to get a glimpse of your surroundings. If you see something interesting, slow the vessel and switch to the 6° step scanning to produce a clear, high definition echo.


Audible target detection plus a variety of display modes

A powerful signal and image treatment based on a unique interpolation technology provides high-definition images. Even if the fish are located near the seabed, the different echoes are clearly shown and easy to understand. The dual-frequency CH600 delivers a crisp, clear image, reducing strain upon the eyes.

A wide variety of display modes are available, including both single- and dual-frequency Horizontal Scan, Vertical Scan, Full-Circle A-Scope, and a traditional Echo Sounder display. A selection of dual-display modes expand upon the Sonar's versatility, including Horizontal + Vertical, Half-Horizontal + Vertical, Horizontal + Full Circle A-Scope, Horizontal + A-Scope, Horizontal + History, and Echo Sounder + A-Scope. The Sonar also features fish and obstacle audio signal notification, depending on the nature and the size of the detected object. Whether there are air bubbles or fish, large or small fish schools, or depending on the texture of the seabed, the emitted sound is different. It is now easy to differentiate fish schools from the seabed they are moving next to, allowing for better comprehension of the surrounding environment for more productive fishing. The usefulness of this feature cannot be understated during long sea trips, as it frees the user from continuously watching the screen. An optional Loudspeaker required for the Audio function.

Quick Gain Control and built-in Stabilizer

This searchlight sonar is the first of its class to have in its core an integrated stabilizer. In rough seas, the ships tends to move in every direction and its inclination might change a lot, creating echo distortions which cause inaccurate data display. The role of the stabilizer is precisely to compensate for those negative effects and provide accurate data to the user. Once the stabilizer is activated, the echo recovers to its circular shape and is able to provide accurate data, no matter the sea conditions, boat speed, or inclination. Thanks to the built-in stabilizer’s compensation, the Sonar is able to detect fish that may not appear with a non-stabilized echo. Gain adjusts the power of the echo. The higher the gain, the better the detection. However, a too high gain will strengthen echoes of undesirable objects such as air bubbles. For this reason, the gain needs to be adjusted regularly according to the needs of the user. With Furuno's Quick Gain Control, there is no need to wait for the next passage of the Sonar beam to see gain adjustments. The value of the changed gain is instantly applied to the whole circle and all echoes are affected, allowing you to act quickly. No more missing important information, even in deep areas. This new function is extremely valuable if the fish are moving fast and need to be tracked rapidly.

  • Display Size: 12.1" inches OR Black Box Configuration Available
  • Display Type: Colour LCD
  • Frequency: 60/153 kHz OR 85/215 kHz dual frequency
  • Power Supply: 12-24 VDC


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