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Furuno 2kW Custom Mount Transducer

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The CA82B-35R is a new transducer with a wide bandwidth of 65kHz-110kHz, and is useable with the FCV295, FCV292*, FCV1150, FCV1100, FCV1200, DFF3 and BBFF3. When used with the FCV1100/1200, sensitivity remains high even if the frequency is shifted +/- 10% to suppress interference.

*88kHz frequency only

The CA82B-35R may be installed in the tank of the CA88B-10 or CA100B-10R. When retrofitting these or other transducers, the directional pattern and sidelobe characteristics of the beam will be different, and therefore the sounder image may differ from previous installations.

Standard Features 

  • 2 kW
  • Selectable frequency - 65kHz to 110kHz
  • Beam angle becomes sharper at higher frequencies:
    • 68kHz = 12.5 degrees
    • 88kHz = 9.6 degrees
    • 107kHz = 7.7 degrees
  • Rugged FRP construction - tank mounted
  • 15 meter cable, no connector provided

  • Frequency Selectable
  • Housing Type FRP
  • Install Type External
  • Power Rating 2 kW
  • Shipping Info 12 lbs, 14x14x9


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