Highly Sensitive WASSP Transducer

With the highly sensitive WASSP WMB-80 transducer, you get much more depth than similar powered traditional sounders. With processing from very low comparable transmission power WASSP transducers give you very good clarity in both deep and shallow water.



WMB-80 Transducer

Like many commercial fishing transducers, the WMB-80 is designed to be mounted in a sea chest. This gives you the flexibility to have a custom-made sea chest for your specific vessel.

While all transducers need as much separation from other sounders as possible and clean waterflow across the surface, the F3X with AKP and IMS allows a well-placed WASSP transducer to operate in a sea chest with other transducers.

Wideband Fairing Transducer

The Wideband Fairing Transducers frequency ranges from 90 to 190kHz and can chirp Plus or Minus 30kHz when driven by the DRX. Typically, this transducer is installed with middle frequency of 160kHz with Chirp cover of 130 to 190kHz it is just as comfortable with centre at 120kHz and Chirp range from 90-150kHz which can be adjusted in the DRX.

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