CDX Operating System

WASSP Generation 3 introduces a new simplified WASSP CDX for control, visualisation and data management, while still providing a comprehensive set of functions to meet the most demanding fishing requirements.

WASSP CDX 3D image

Features Include:

• High resolution mapping
• Multi-resolution mapping has a single database that becomes more detailed the more you zoom in
• A clever algorithm takes best data from an old recording and new recording, providing for near-seamless mapping
• Great high-resolution single, triple and Quint beam sounder providing a very clear visibility of both water column and sea floor
• Single, triple and Quint beam high definition sounder F Series only
• Sonar view to give instant current sounder view
• Side scan when licensed
• 2D and 3D Mapping with or without Water column targets and Backscatter when licensed
• Simplified graphical user interface
• Focused on WASSP data presentation not multi-functional
• Presents in a very accurate raw manner with minimal data cleaning or averaging
• Enhances the core benefits of WASSP
• Multi resolution database with automatic, depth-adjusted, best resolution mapping that can be used in all depths zoom in for higher resolution
• Water column targets gain is aligned to give same colour in all modes



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