Servowatch With in Country Distributor ENL, Selected For Royal New Zealand Navy Project

Servowatch, a leading supplier of advanced integrated ship control systems, distributed in New Zealand by Electronic Navigation Ltd (ENL), has been selected by Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) in South Korea to supply their Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS).

This down select will see Servowatch’s IPMS installed into the Royal New Zealand Navy’s Maritime Sustainment Capability (MSC) project which HHI are building at their Ulsan shipyard; the largest shipyard in the world.

The new MSC tanker will be able to refuel two ships at a time while underway and will replace the 30-year-old tanker HMNZS Endeavour.

With a displacement of 24,000 tonnes and length of over 160m the new MSC tanker will become the largest Naval vessel in the RNZN fleet.

Servowatch Systems’ scope of supply comprises an IPMS control and monitoring package for the vessels’ propulsion plant, electric power plant, auxiliary/ancillary system. Expertise battle damage control system and onboard training system are also to be included in scope of IPMS.

“With vessels increasing in complexity while simultaneously reducing crew sizes, systems integration is key to ensuring the functionality of critical equipment. Servowatch has introduced its most powerful IPMS solution allowing more COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) product integration. It reduces platform cost, integration time and commissioning, whilst retaining the survivability and power of the original Servowatch product,” says: Wayne Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Servowatch.

Once the vessel is constructed and delivered to the Royal New Zealand Navy, Servowatch’s New Zealand distributor, Electronic Navigation Ltd will have a key role in supporting the ongoing maintenance of the IPMS system.

“This project win continues to deepen our existing position within the Royal New Zealand Navy’s support fleet. When she is delivered to the Navy our long term in country partners Electronic Navigation Ltd (ENL) will play a vital role in supporting the ongoing maintenance of the IPMS system,” says Andrew Burns, Sales and Marketing Director, Servowatch.

ENL Group Managing Director Gareth Hodson says it’s pleasing to see a New Zealand based company involved in Royal New Zealand Navy contracts.

“ENL’s business and technical resource has been strategically focused toward Naval defence requirements since it’s successful bid in 2005 for the Project Protector Fleet. It is very satisfying to win this bid in support of Servowatch based on our added value and proven capability to support large complex electronics solutions such as these,” says Hodson.

UK-headquartered Servowatch has invested heavily in the design and development of the next generation IPMS systems. Designed to commercial or military standards, principally for naval or larger complex commercial vessels, Servowatch offers a range of bespoke solutions to provide propulsion, electrical and auxiliary plant management from multifunction workstations with automation programmed into the system.

Servowatch selected by Hyundai Heavy Industries, the World’s largest shipyard, to supply its IPMS capability for the RNZN MSC project.


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