Major advances with WASSP’s new Bluebeam feature package


After a year with a number of new hardware product releases, WASSP Multibeam has come out with a feature pack license filled with major advancements, ensuring WASSP users have the best possible experience

The new Bluebeam license pack will be supplied with all new WASSP units outside its IHO survey specific option. Bluebeam combines the latest new CDX UI and DRX firmware version with 51 improvements that improve mapping, fish detection and interference. Many of these benefits are also seen when using the popular TimeZero Pro in conjunction with WASSP. Designed primarily for the fishing market, BLUEBEAM users across all applications will see benefits from upgrading to BLUEBEAM.

Bluebeam is the result of over 18 months of development by WASSP, with a number of key features added and large improvements in seafloor detection and tracking. The license was built on the work done with through the development of the RPM module which sits as WASSP’s professional survey option license and was released with the S3Pr.

WASSP will be packaging the new BLUEBEAM license with all new F series units. Existing Gen 3 customers can also upgrade to BLUEBEAM and the WASSP team believes these customers will be impressed with the increases in perfomance. WASSP recommends customers discuss upgrading with their local dealer to find out how BLUEBEAM can give the edge in fishing efficiency.

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