Just imagine!  Now you can map the seafloor in 3D and in real-time to see what lies beneath your vessel. And with greater accuracy, at a significantly reduced cost.

WASSP Multibeam Sounder technology is a true game-changer. Profiling the seabed 100 times faster than single-beam echo sounders, WASSP lets you see what’s beneath your boat with accuracy and resolution like you’ve never had or seen before. With WASSP 3D mapping in real-time, you can accurately profile the water column and seafloor with unparalleled precision to reveal:

Reefs  ·  Fish  ·  Wrecks  ·  Backscatter  ·  Foreign objects · Seafloor artefacts


Since the first installation in 2000, WASSP has seen incredible growth in all areas. WASSP is now distributed in more than 30 countries and has been embraced by the commercial fishing, recreational fishing, mega yacht, hydrographic, professional workboat, navy and coastguard sectors.


WASSP Multibeam sounder gives you a wide-angle 120° port-to-starboard view of the seafloor and water column. The viewing span is over 3 times sea depth, and WASSP can profile an area more than 100 times faster than a single-beam system.

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Latest News

WASSP W3 ‘Wireless’ Popular at METS Trade

METS is the largest international Marine B2B exhibition in the world and over the last years, organisers have added a special Super Yacht Pavilion for suppliers to the Superyacht industry.

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World leading Kelp Farm in Namibia uses WASSP to survey sites for innovative marine Industry

Kelp Blue is a collection of divers, sculptors, sailors, explorers and nature lovers who have the aim to restore the planet to equilibrium, or even to abundance by nurturing the marine ecosystems that help reverse climate change. Inspired by Giant Kelp, we will look to rapidly grow and deliver transformative benefits across markets. 

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Major advances with WASSP’s new Bluebeam feature package

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