Steve Baksa, Sports Fishing, USA

Steve is sports fishing fanatic from New Jersey, USA, and a highly enthusiastic WASSP user.

“The WASSP clearly provides important capabilities not found in standard marine echo sounders.

The WASSP multibeam system gives me the ability to evaluate detail in the water column and ocean floor more efficiently then with my conventional sonar, the 120°beam width is game changing in my opinion. Overall, the WASSP has elevated our ability "see" both fish and structure below the boat to the next level. 

We also love the system's ability to recall the size and position of fish schools. The WASSP is especially useful when we are catching tuna on the troll and then we can use the recent historical data to evaluate the size of the fish schools and return to the most productive areas. Inshore, we use the WASSP to pinpoint significant structure (wrecks and such) then look to see if it holds fish, before we take the time and effort to anchor and begin fishing.

Last summer I hit something in our marina and I was able to show the marina manager the exact seafloor map of the marina in 3D! It was clear from the picture that I hit something that was floating near the bottom.

What’s more, I get great customer service from WASSP all the way from New Zealand! I wish it was that way with more companies in the US. Nobody believes me when I tell them about Phil coming over from NZ to make sure the WASSP was performing at it's optimum.”

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