Dominique Faou, Trawling, France


Dominique has so much confidence in the detail his WASSP provides that he now lifts and lowers his trawling equipment over rocks and tows it through narrow channels – places he would never have fished before for fear of damaging or losing his gear.

The ability to discover and map new fishing grounds more quickly and accurately, thanks to the wide 120-degree swath offered by its multibeam technology, enabes him to target areas that provide a higher value catch, in considerably less time – and to trawl where few other fishermen dare fish.

The backscatter function is invaluable for seafloor discrimination.

Other benefits for Dominique and his crew include significant reductions in fuel consumption through less time on the water. Damage to his trawl doors and nets has been minimised, and even when the fishing is slow, he can still be productive by using WASSP to look for new fishing grounds.

Not only has WASSP been invaluable for fishing, but Dominique has also used it to find a yacht sunk off the coast from the port of Brest. Hearing that a local fisherman was using advanced multibeam technology, the authorities asked Dominique to assist, and he quickly located the yacht in 138m of water.

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