Globe Marine - Sasha Emiel BM181

"WASSP - everything you’d expect to get from two or three acoustic products built into one extremely user-friendly unit!" – Billy Sharp, trawlerman, Brixham, UK.

Mr Graham Perkes, the owner of Seafield Emiel Trawlers Ltd, Brixham, United Kingdom, and Mr Billy Sharp, skipper of the trawler Sasha Emiel BM181, were looking for two – maybe three – acoustic products for their new vessel to give them a good seafloor profile with hardness changes clearly shown.

They were after high-resolution 2D and 3D images of wrecks and rock outfalls, a reliable backscatter facility for gauging bottom hardness, and a good echo-sounder facility that would give them clear and easily identifiable pictures.

The equipment also had to be user-friendly.

After some investigation, local WASSP agent Globe Marine managed to find all of these features in the WASSP WMB-160F MultiBeam Fishing System.

Globe Marine installed the unit on the vessel in early July 2008 and in a very short time the boat’s owner and the skipper were realising its benefits, particularly in improved catches.

Even after just a few months, Billy Sharp reported that, because the WMB-160F is so easy to use, he was already using it to its full capability.

Word of the benefits WASSP is giving to the Sasha Emiel quickly got around. Globe Marine installed another WASSP WMB-160F in Brixham on the scalloper Danielle BM478.

Mr Peter McLeod of Mermaid Trawlers Ltd, who is the vessel’s owner, has been speaking to Billy Sharp, and has very quickly realised the benefits over conventional sonar the WASSP WMB-160F gives to the Sasha Emiel.

Peter, a very progressive guy, is looking forward to reaping the benefits of having a WASSP onboard.

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