On board with Jonathan Rothberg, owner of 55m explorer yacht Gene Machine

Exploration W3

In preparation for a 9,000 nautical mile journey last year from the French Riviera to Svalbard, Norway Gene Machine Captain Rothberg included WASSP W3 Multibeam sonar systems for the ships Tenders.   

As published on Boat International 

The US scientist behind high-speed DNA sequencing tells Marilyn Mower how his 55 metre AmelsGene Machine affords him time with his family – and a laboratory for his daughter...

The owner of 55 metre Gene Machine pads into the upper saloon dressed in his vacation uniform of shorts and T-shirt, fresh from accompanying his younger children to the Atlantis water park in the Bahamas He is taller, tousled and far more gregarious than I had expected for such a renowned scientist. His bare feet put me at ease as much as his engaging, broad smile. And he laughs easily as his littlest son zooms through the room in a dripping bathing suit.

“Thanks for meeting us here while the kids are on vacation. So, what do you want to talk about?” he asks. I expected the interview to focus on the yacht’s 9,000 nautical mile journey last year from the French Riviera to Svalbard, Norway, but it turns out that that would be starting the story in the middle..... 

Full article published on Boat International - read in full here

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