JN Taylor – WASSP install - 6m trailerboat

“Essentially we believe in the technology and commercially felt to distribute the product well, such an investment was essential,” says JN Taylor General Manager, Ben Mudd.

“WASSP multi beam is such a visual solution and quite different to our traditional sounder and sonar technology. We felt for our own sales and technical staff to gain confidence with the product we needed access to a system. We have now had the WASSP in a quick deployment solution for over 12 months but are still blown away at the quality of data, simplicity of use & multiple display formats available through the WASSP GUI & Navigator interface.

Mudd says that from a sales context, after completing numerous office-based demonstrations of WASSP with replay files for potential customers, the customers were still not convinced.

“However, after 5 minutes running WASSP on board with them customers could see the value & difference of the WASSP solution compared with other existing multi beam, bottom profiling, bathymetric generating systems.”

“At the end of the day, we are very happy with our investment on a commercial level & quietly the WASP has certainly enhanced our own success at weekend fishing missions to the local offshore reefs!”

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