M/Y Umbra Uses WASSP W3 to find Underwater Volcanoes


Excerpt from online Interview with UMBRA Captain Llyn Buckwalter: 

Published within AMELS online Magazine FINEST MOMENTS, 2020 SPRING 2020

Exploration vessel M/Y Umbra was fitted with a WASSP W3 Wireless System while recently in Brisbane Australia. 

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Pacific Adventures

Venture over the horizon and under the surface with this DAMEN Yacht Support vessel and her mother yacht.

Seeing underwater

Going below the surface in search of underwater volcanoes was also the perfect opportunity for the crew to use UMBRA’s pioneering WASSP multibeam sonar set-up. UMBRA is wirelessly connected to the four other boats in the fleet – the mother yacht ROCHADE, the mother yacht’s tender, and two of UMBRA’s tenders. It is the first group of boats in the world to be connected with five WASSP systems. Each of these systems link together so they never have to go into an area without knowing the seafloor bathymetry. Building the dive profile, while looking into the types of currents and obstructions, makes UMBRA a proper exploration platform.  

“We are actually doing some of the beta testing for the WASSP set-up, as nobody else goes out and does a 500 plus metre 3D reef mapping without being a research vessel. If you’re on a regular white yacht, you are only looking for a place to anchor, whereas with UMBRA what the crew does it that we are constantly looking for new places to explore.”

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