New Build System Design

Here at ENL we believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

All companies claim to have ability – but only a select few are able to deliver. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the clients aspirations – to provide a quality solution that is well designed, thoroughly project managed and properly installed.

ENL was founded in 1945, and is an ISO9001 certified company – and this structure is the core to ensuring we meet key performance.

ENL employs over 40 staff, across two offices. We are sole distributors (NZ) of many brands, but we sell only products that we believe in and that meets our demanding quality standards.

ENL has by far the largest stock holding of marine electronics and spares in New Zealand.

ENL is a member of NZ Marine, MIA (Marine Industry Association), BITO (Boating Industry Training Association) and NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association, USA):

M/V Allogante Wheelhouse

New Build department

Our New Build department focuses on superyacht, new build, & refit business and consists of a team of 10 dedicated staff. In addition to this, we can call on a pool of 12 qualified service technicians, an IT specialist and a technical sales coordinator. Let us also not forget our excellent administration team!

ENL has been designing, supplying and installing marine electronics systems on super yachts since 1987. We have supplied more superyacht marine electronics systems than any other New Zealand company.

We have an excellent reputation in the New Zealand marine industry, and work closely with largest boat yards and refit specialists on multiple projects every year.

We have experience supplying anything from small packages through to multi-million dollar systems (and anything in between), and are not scared of a challenge! Bring it on!

In 2009 ENL was a Gold Sponsor of the Millennium Cup Superyacht Regatta held in Auckland, New Zealand:

S/Y Salperton IV


There is no substitute for knowledge, and our sales team are very experienced and approachable – and are on hand to offer valuable considered advice. We pride ourselves on our ability provide you the most appropriate solution to meet with your requirements & expectations.

ENL have a world class marine electronics showroom at our North Shore site with an extensive array of electronics running on-site, and we invite you to visit us any time:

Our showrooms

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Excellent systems design is critical & central to supplying an integrated electronics system. We employ a dedicated highly experienced Systems Engineer to oversee systems design & development.

ENL offer detailed AutoCAD systems schematics – tailored specifically for your vessel – to show cable runs, cable interfaces & component/equipment location.

Equipment components can be “tagged” with specific ID codes. This aids installation – especially for other contractors such as boat builders, electricians, riggers, etc that may not be familiar with every component - and more importantly, perhaps to identify for future reference (maintenance, repair, systems upgrade etc).

Marine Electronics, being a technology field, changes rapidly all the time. We invest in knowledge, and make sure that we keep abreast of the latest developments.

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Project Management

When you are supplying systems that run from hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars into the millions-of-dollars, you need to have a solid grasp of what you are doing.

We employ a dedicated full time Project Manager to oversee our larger projects and facilitate coordinated supply. This role is critical to ensure the sales & service facets come together to meet the client’s expectations.

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You can have the best equipment & design in the world – but it is naught if not backed up by solid technical support.

ENL has always been a leader in this field, and we pride ourselves on blooding significantly more apprentice technicians than any other company in this industry (in New Zealand). The result is a very competent pool of service technicians and engineers that are proud of what they do, and this is reflected in their workmanship.

We realise that project deadlines can run tight, most often created by delays by other contractors before we are even able to attend. By having such a large labour pool, we are able to call on our extensive resources in these times of need to get the job done quickly. Many times an owner has praised us for this!

Our marine electronics technicians are qualified, and many have received specific manufacturer factory training on key product lines.

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Our speciality is marine electronics. We know what works, and what doesn’t. We know that sometimes even the best laid plans can go wrong. It is at these times that we outshine our competitors, by resolving complications swiftly and willingly.

We do not walk away. We do not shirk our responsibility. We are committed to get the job done – and we follow through for our clients. We have the knowledge, technical ability & resources to resolve the trickiest of technical issues.

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ENL has a dedicated R&D department consisting of 7 staff, committed to developing new ideas into solutions.

This is the think-tank that has developed products such as the WASSP multibeam profiling sonar & Datamaster communications systems:

WASSP has been a phenomenal success for this company, and over a hundred systems can be found on vessels all around the globe.



We realise that a project does not end when the vessel has been handed over – and we are on hand to offer ongoing support. We have existing clients regularly contact us for assistance on systems we supplied many years ago - often contacting us from the other side of the world – and we are only too happy to help.

The ENL Team:

Beyond all of this, what ENL can offer you is good people that are proud of what they do. This is the core that is central to our success.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, please contact one of our sales team at:

Phone +64 373 5595 or email

The ENL Team

Beyond all of this, what ENL can offer you is good people that are proud of what they do. This is the core that is central to our success.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, please contact one of our sales team at: