YPOWER Battery Chargers

YPOWER Battery Chargers

New Generation Automatic Battery Chargers

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Product Features

Introducing the New YPOWER Battery Charger Range from Cristec

Optimal made-to Measure charging for a longer battery life.

YPOWER Innovations

No cooling fan1 for silent operation

Plug and play connection2, quick, easy and safe; avoiding the need to open the charger

Advanced 5-step automatic charging curve3 extends battery life, suitable for all battery types4

Simultaneously charge 3 battery banks5

Un-matched high temperature performance; no de-rating up to +60°C6

  • 1 Enables installation in the living areas
  • 2 External AC and DC connectors supplied, only a screwdriver is required
  • 3 Automatic Refresh to prevent sulphation and ‘re-Boost’ if battery demand needs it
  • 4 AGM, Gel, Vented Wet Cells, Calcium Lead, Spiral Lead, Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate, etc.
  • 5 3 independent outputs, each with full current output and built-in ‘no voltage drop’ isolator
  • 6 Enables installation in engine room or confined spaces

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