KVH TracPhone FB150

KVH TracPhone FB150

A new generation of fast, reliable, and affordable satellite communication systems.

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Product Features

Bring true broadband Internet connections along for your next trip to sun-drenched harbours and distant locales with KVH’s ultra-compact satellite communications system – the TracPhone FB150 with Inmarsat FleetBroadband service.

The TracPhone FB150 antenna is the smallest in KVH’s family of Inmarsat FleetBroadband-compatible TracPhone systems, perfect for leisure boats. The fully stabilised TracPhone FB150 offers IP data connections up to 150 Kbps and simultaneous voice and SMS service, all via Inmarsat’s trusted FleetBroadband network with its I-4 satellite constellation.

Rely on broadband data to help save time and fuel while spending less time in the harbour and more time out on the water. Enjoy access to weather data, sea conditions, chart updates, friends, family, and the office. For the first time, broadband at sea is small enough and affordable enough for you to rely on wherever you cruise. And it’s all brought to you by KVH and Inmarsat, the leaders in maritime broadband.

By keeping your passengers and crew happy and connected to home, you are making an investment in your boat that will be valuable for years to come.

Founded in 1979 and supporting more than 225,000 users worldwide, Inmarsat is the world leader in mobile satellite communications.


  • Uses powerful FleetBroadband service from Inmarsat
  • A choice of airtime plans to fit your needs
  • Inmarsat Airtime Services provided by KVH offer exclusive airtime benefits and a single point of contact for both hardware and airtime questions
  • Always-on connection for e-mail, Internet and Intranet (via secure VPN)
  • Compact design for easy installation and simple below-decks connections to your computer and phones
  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband Activation Process Checklist - Use this handy activation process checklist to ensure you submit all necessary forms for activating your system
  • Global coverage via the brand-new Inmarsat I-4 satellite constellation, ensuring 20+ years of reliable service to vessel owners around the globe
  • Broadband data rates as fast as 150 Kbps
  • Global coverage for simultaneous voice, data, and SMS text messaging
  • Rugged, reliable design to survive the marine environment
  • World-class warranty and support