Lumishore SMX153

Lumishore SMX153

EOS SMX153 - Surface Mount - Full Colour Change

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Product Features

Lumishore colour change Surface Mount (SMX) lights are available in 2 model types, each with 4,000 fixture lumens of light in a wide 90º beam, compact and low profile suitable for transom or side hull mounting.

The SMX93 RGBW colour change model can be controlled by a standard on/off switch; toggle to select colours or cycle colours. SMX153 EOS offers award-winning features and effects such as Wi-Fi control, 'Sound-to-Light' entertainment, and synchronized fade, sweep and strobe using the intuitive EOS Min-i Color Controller or your compatible MFD when you add the EOS Lumi-Link Bridge Module.

Full-featured EOS Series integrated lighting systems provide unprecedented colour control, plug-and-play installation, and none of the networking hassles common with colour-changing lights.

Easily build a system that perfectly matches your interest and lifestyle, then add 'Sound-to-Light' entertainment by simply connecting your audio output to the EOS Min-i Controller - it's that easy!

Key Features and Specifications

  • Full-featured EOS colour change
  • Control SMX153 with the EOS Min-i Color Controller or new Lumi-Link for control directly from your compatible MFD
  • SMX models (Surface Mount) utilize a small hole through the hull for the power cable
  • SMX models feature built-in driver
  • 5,500 verified fixture lumens
  • Wide 90° beam angle
  • 2-Year Warranty

Key Specifications

  • Available led colours: full eos colour change (rgbw)
  • Lumens:12,375
  • Verified fixture lumens (white):5,500
  • # of high power leds: 52
  • Led power - hicob array: yes
  • Typical led life: 50,000+ hours
  • Beam angle (degrees): 90°
  • Driver: multi-channel internal driver
  • Supply voltage: 12/24 v dc (ac option available)
  • Max current draw:4.0a/2.0a
  • Housing type: marine grade bronze / glass lens
  • User control options: eos min-i colour controller or lumi-link
  • Lights synchronized: y
  • Colour cycle: y
  • Colour cycle w/speed adjust: y
  • Colour sweep w/speed adjust: y
  • Customizable favourites: y
  • Fixed strobe (2-speed): y
  • Wi-fi control (app): y
  • Sound-to-light: y
  • Brightness adjust:y
  • Auto light discovery & setup: y

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