Furuno DFF-3D

Furuno DFF-3D

Innovative New Network Multibeam Sonar.

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Product Features

The DFF-3D is an innovative tool for efficient fish location and seabed profile surveying, utilising new Multibeam technology. Highly detailed images are derived from the combination of an advanced signal processing system and an amazingly compact multibeam transducer - (Black Box)

DFF-3D turns your NavNet TZtouch or TZtouch2 MFD into a multibeam sonar that can see 120 degrees port-to-starboard, allowing you to see the depth and direction fish schools are moving, while displaying the seabed condition in real-time.

The DFF-3D demonstrates its excellence by winning the 2017 NMEA Technology Award - one of the most prestigious awards in marine electronics.


1. Sidebar detection range is up to 200m (over 650 feet) in a 120 degree swath port-to-starboard direction

2. Deep water, main beam penetration directly under the boat is approximately 300m (over 980 feet)

3. Compact and fully featured transducer (TM54 or B54):

  • Compact allows easy installation
  • Built-in motion sensor (standard) stabilises the display to give clear and stable images even under rough sea conditions

4. Customise the display according to your needs: depending on the situation and preference, a combination of screen modes can be displayed


Cross Section - displays real-time sea column echo in 120 degrees port-to-starboard. This mode instantly aids in understanding the distribution of bait fish and the water column condition.

3D Sounder History - provides an intuitive and easy to understand 3D image of the seafloor, along with fish school icons. This mode is useful in a variety of situations, such as selecting a fishing hot spot and assessing the seabed condition.

Triple / Single Beam Sounder - a single (directly under boat) or triple direction (middle, left and right) fish finder image is displayed simultaneously. The Triple beam display helps to understand the depth of fish targets and the seabed condition in each direction, as well as the direction the target fish are moving. Each beam angle and beam width are selectable.

Side Scan - clearly displays the shape of structure as a high definition image in port and starboard direction. It is suitable for searching the seabed and understanding the sea floor structure.


  • Transmission Frequency: 165 kHz
  • Output Power: 800 W
  • Basic Range: 5-1200 m
  • Detection Range: 200m (side beam) / 300m (main beam directly under)
  • Beam Angle for Triple Beam Sounder: 20°-50° from main beam
  • Display Modes: Cross Section, 3D Sounder History, Triple / Single Beam Sounder, Side Scan
  • Interface: 1x LAN port / 1 KP port (external KP kit required)
  • Waterproofing: IP55
  • Power Supply: 12-24 VDC, 1.4-0.7A