Furuno Felcom250

Furuno Felcom250

Brings Ship-to-shore Operational and Social Communications to the Broadband IP Era.

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Product Features

Felcom250 is Furuno’s Inmarsat FleetBroadband terminal, which delivers ship-to-shore / ship-to-ship broadband communication of up to 284 kbps together with voice communication all at the same time by utilising the latest generation Inmarsat I-4 satellites.

FleetBroadband offers the data communication services with both shared bandwidth (Standard IP of up to 284 kbps) and dedicated data rate (Streaming IP of up to 128 kbps).

Felcom250 will bring cost-effective broadband communication on-board the vessels for a variety of needs, for both operational and social purposes, including calling their friends and family back home while at sea.


  • A wide variety of maritime broadband communication services available
  • Simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data communications
  • Global coverage provided through three Inmarsat-4 satellites.(except for polar regions)
  • IP handset and IP-PBX incorporated
  • Multiple IP handsets can be incorporated into the network by using the switching hub
  • Wireless IP phones can be utilised (wireless LAN access points required)
  • No dedicated software required for configuration setup (web server function incorporated)
  • Communication Unit supporting all major communication systems carrying ports to facilitate plug-and-play system integration
  • Built-in NAT router facilitates smooth network integration to the internet
  • Incoming indicators available (optional supply)