FAR-22x8 / FAR-23X8

FAR-22x8 / FAR-23X8

Furuno Radar models FAR-22x8 / FAR-23X8

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Product Features

Product line up:

FAR-23x8 Series

for Category 1 of ship/craft, with 27" wide or 23" LCD


X-band, 12 kW, TR up


X-band, 25 kW, TR up


X-band, 25 kW, TR down


S-band, 30 kW, TR up


S-band, 30 kW, TR down


S-band, 250 W, TR up, Solid State

FAR-22x8 Series

for Category 2 of ship/craft, with 19" LCD


X-band, 12 kW, TR up


X-band, 25 kW, TR up


S-band, 30 kW, TR up


S-band, 250 W, TR up, Solid State

Rules & Regulations:

  • FAR-22x8/23x8 series fully comply with the following IEC standards:
  • IEC 60945 Ed.4.0
  • IEC 62388 Ed.2.0
  • IEC 62288 Ed.2.0
  • IEC 61162-2
  • IEC 61162-1 Ed.5.0
  • IEC 61162-450


Advanced technologies for safe navigation - The FURUNO FAR-22x8/23x8 series is a brand-new radar series characterized by its state-of-the-art antenna design and innovative signal processing techniques. FURUNO's latest and finest technologies and intuitive design will increase situational awareness and enable safer than ever navigation.

  • Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) for unprecedented echo clarity - Quickly adjusts the radar image with of a single button press. When the ACE function is activated, the system automatically adjusts clutter reduction filters and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions.
  • Fast Target Tracking™ (TT) function to prevent collision at an early stage - With Fast Target Tracking™ (TT), the FAR-22x8/23x8 series provides accurate tracking information; speed and course vectors are displayed in mere seconds allowing operators to take action and avoid incidents at a very early stage.

User interface designed for the ultimate intuitive operation

  • InstantAccess bar™ which gives you immediate access to the functions you need - InstantAccess bar™ contains shortcut menus of tasks (functions/actions) which operators frequently use, so users can quickly access necessary tasks.
  • Well-designed controllers for stress-free operation - Comfortable usability is very important on long voyages. With that in mind, these control units are designed based on ergonomics to fit the operator’s hand. All operations can be controlled with the trackball.