Data Master IEMRS

Data Master IEMRS

Digital Monitoring System

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Product Features

In response to the fishing industry demands to meet the Governments new digital monitoring requirements.

We're pleased to introduce a new digital monitoring system for the commercial fishing industry. One that will give not only the compliance reporting required by MPI, but also recording unparalleled additional knowledge of their own fishing activities which only the fishermen can access. Plus, it is simple to use.

Data Master™ will be a truly integrated system for new compliance regulations set by FishServe and incorporates the E-logbook, GPR and if cameras are bought in then these can simply be plugged directly into the system.

The Olrac component of the Data Master™ system, has been independently developed by OLSPS Marine and ENL to offer an e-logbook that will meet Fisheries NZ reporting requirements whilst also giving vessel owners, managers, operators a large suite of valuable information they can access in a simple to use and understandable format.

Though the Olrac e-logbook has been in use for many years over seas, OLSPS Marine, in consultation with ENL, have completely redesigned the existing Olrac platform to suit the New Zealand compliance requirements, as well as giving fishermen a real advantage to having a full fishing data history (tides, weather, sea state, vessel monitoring and fishing records) on board, rather than just having something minimal to meet MPI compliance.

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New digital logbook from ENL