Coursemaster CM950

Coursemaster CM950

Intelligent Marine Autopilot System With Simplified Progressive Menu.

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Product Features

The CM950 intelligent autopilot system is suitable for both power and sailing vessels 6-40 m.

Integrating all features for leisure or commercial use, the CM950‘s compact, panel-mount control head features the convenient course change knob with course trim keys and simple one touch functions.

The CM950 autopilot offers the strength and reliability of an extra hand on the helm with an easy-to-operate menu of specific requirements for short-handed round-the-world sailing, tournament fishing, casual cruising, or setting off on a long haul ocean adventure.

Manufactured in Australia to perform in one of the harshest marine environments in the world, all Coursemaster Autopilots feature the unique rate gyro compass to maximise performance and minimise the effects of roll and pitch, resulting in lower power consumption and enhanced course keeping.


  • Convenient course control knob with course trim keys
  • Large back-lit LCD display (rudder angle and heading)
  • Eight back-lit keys for simple access to control options
  • Intelligent, self-tuning software (automatically adjusts for speed, sea conditions and trim)
  • Interfaces (GPS, wind instruments, satellite and gyro compasses)
  • Autotack, autogybe with adjustable angle
  • Rate Gyro Compass (accurate courseholding, reduced rudder activity and reduced fuel consumption, performance stability)
  • Auto/manual compass calibrations
  • Drive options (linear, hydraulic, rotary, solenoid)
  • Remote options (second station, remote steering, jog lever, follow-up lever, electric steering)
  • Australian made and exported worldwide