Coursemaster CM82i

Coursemaster CM82i

Intelligent Autopilot Without The Need For Rudder Feedback Unit.

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Product Features

The CM82i offers powerboat owners, commercial, and weekend fishermen all the proven, intelligent features of a Coursemaster autopilot - without the need for a rudder feedback installation in the wet engine well area. It is suitable for boats 5-10 m in length fitted with outboards, stern drives and inboard motors.

  • Enhanced course holding allowing for fuel savings
  • No rudder feedback installation required in wet engine well area
  • Interfaces with GPS
  • Extra hand on helm
  • Proven reliability

Installation is straightforward and the small square control head (110 x 110 mm) with 4-key operation, will flush mount to suit most dash instrument panels. Once installed, the CM82i requires a simple, once only setup procedure which takes less than a minute. The CM82i's main components are:

  • Control Head
  • Junction Box
  • Rate Gyro Compass
  • Hydraulic Pump

The CM82i interfaces with GPS, has a heading output for use with radar, and includes a rate gyro compass.