CH300 revolutionary dual frequency sonar

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Furuno releases the world's first dual frequency searchlight sonar

Furuno has engineered a world first and released a dual frequency searchlight sonar ideal for high-end game fishing craft, charter fishing boats and commercial fishing vessels.

Furuno's CH-300 searchlight sonar operates on the same principle as a fish finder but it is infinitely more versatile and productive because the transducers are articulated and the transducer beams can be aimed in any direction and set at any angle (hence the searchlight analogy). This enables the CH-300 sonar to search the entire water column and all areas surrounding the vessel for structure and fish. It can also scan any specified sector (say, 45 degrees either side of the bow) or be locked in the vertical position so that it looks directly under the keel.

The CH-300Æs dual operating frequencies enable the range and discrimination to be optimised simultaneously, and the size of fish to be colour coded on the display by automatically comparing the different types of information provided by the high and low frequencies returns. Further more, it is available in two configurations that offer high and low frequency combinations suited to different styles of fishing (60/153kHz or 85/215kHz).

The low frequencies (60/85kHz) provide greatly extended range and the beam width is relatively wide, which means it covers a large area. In optimum conditions the CH-300 has a range of over 1000metres. However, the high frequencies (153/215kHz) are best for searching near the vessel or in shallow water because the beam width is narrow and target definition is greatly improved. Fish and bottom echoes are clearly separated and bait fish are more easily seen.

The 1.2kW transducers that generate the high and low frequency beams are contained in a single soundome which makes for an easy and compact installation. An optional motion sensor is available to capture pitch and roll data and the CH-300 uses this information to stabilise the direction of the transducer beam when operating in rough seas.

The CH-300 is available with an integrated 10.4inch colour LCD screen or it can be purchased in blackbox configuration and connected to any VGA monitor of choice. Rotary knobs and clearly marked buttons provide simplified controls that are comfortable and self explanatory to use.

An audio alarm can be set to alert the crew when an echo from a fish school is returned and two target locks allow a fish school or bottom structure to be tracked regardless of the ship's attitude or heading.

Please refer to the brochure (see below) for specifications.