Key Features

  • Solid-state X-Band Doppler Technology (9.4 GHz band)
  • Single (Horizontal) Polarization model (WR110)
  • Dual (Horizontal and Vertical) Polarimetric model (WR2120)
  • Real-time data is displayed, while multiple elevation/sector scans are completed in one minute or less
  • Fixed installation, temporary or mobile monitoring system options
  • Stand-alone, or Multi-Radar Configuration for higher precision and reduced blind areas
  • Networkable and internet ready – can be remotely controlled
  • Compatible with regular AC power outlet (100-240 VAC, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz)
  • Compact system (Φ980 mm radome)- Transport with a regular van, and fits in elevators
  • Optional Vibration Isolator for safe relocation and transport
  • Rugged Carbon Fibre Antenna Dish, with excellent shock vibration & mechanical stress durability
  • Lightweight (68kg tower top antenna unit) - No heavy machinery needed to transport or install
  • Simple and quick installation (1 network and 1 standard voltage cable). Can easily be installed by a two-person crew
  • Reduced maintenance costs, Low power consumption & fewer required replacement parts
  • Integration & outputs for 3rd Party Weather Software
  • Particle Classification (Hail/Rain/Snow) optional with WR2120 data such (Particle Uniformity Assessment & Aspect Ratio Measurement)
  • Maximum Wind Survival Speed of up to 90m/s


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