FURUNO Launches New Commercial Fish Finder

Nov 09, 2016

The all-new FURUNO FCV-2100 was designed with larger fishing vessels in mind, such as purse seiners and trawlers.

Utilising the FCV-2100 contributes to the management of our fishery resources by making fishing operations more efficient by identifying the approximate size of the target fish before they are caught. The unique combination of Split Beam technology and TruEcho CHIRP™ has improved the accuracy of fish size measurement, while producing higher resolution target images. This improvement makes it easier to discern fish outlines in order to detect fish size in densely packed shoals within the mid-surface layer zone, or to discriminate single fish near the seabed.

The combination of FURUNO's Split Beam and TruEcho CHIRP™ technology makes it possible to produce high resolution images of the underwater landscape at any depth, which increases the accuracy of the fish size data and the credibly of the graphs. In addition, the FCV-2100 can measure and display fish sizes in three locations at the same time. This helps you compare the average of fish size and species in each graph.

The FCV-2100 allows for quick and easy operation with its trackball and InstantAccess bar™. Convenient and easy to understand screen headers makes it simple to access Range, Shift, Sensitivity, Image Feed and Display Mode menus.

The transducer for the FCV-2100 is designed to be 16 cm in diameter, which is the same as the FCV-2000. This makes retrofits and new installations in the hull very straight forward. You can optionally connect the DFF3 or DFF1-UHD network Fish Finders to the FCV-2100. This expands the functions of the FCV-2100 to include Bottom Discrimination and allows you to display up to three different frequencies on screen.